Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

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Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

Message par -sarad-/-soontir- le Jeu 21 Oct - 4:27

Star Wars Galaxies: Galactic Moon Festival Game Update 18.0

On Thursday, October 21, 2010, at 4:00 AM PDT all U.S. and European galaxies will be brought down for server maintenance and a Hotfix. The servers are expected to be down for 4 hours.

When the Game Update is complete, all galaxies will be live but unavailable while we complete final testing. All galaxies will be made available after that time.

Click here for a Time Zone Calculator.


In an effort to gain more support from the planets Naboo and Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt has decided to throw the annual Galactic Moon Festival once more so everyone can celebrate the horrifyingly awesome haunts of the season. Jabba has grown tired of all the love festivals, celebrations of life, and other saccharine events. Thus, he has taken it upon himself to throw the scariest festival of the year!
Galactic Moon Festival

Jabba's festival is back with new spooky rewards and a new badge! Head on over to the Moenia and Mos Eisley starports (waypoints 4790 -4777 and 3523 -4806 respectively) and join in on another season of happy haunts.
Feeling rotten? Emitting a foul odor? Or just having a repugnant day? We've got the perfect new /mood for you... undead!
Get your undead on and check out the new /undead_claw and /undead_crouch emotes... GRRRH... BRAINZZZ!

A mysterious Afflicted Storyteller vendor haunts the festival this year offering familiar and surprising new rewards. We were too scared to get within biting distance to find out exactly what. Do you dare discover his secrets?

Event specific storyteller tokens are displayed as such in the storyteller vendors menu.

Event storyteller tokens will only be available for purchase during the event.
Unused tokens will not be destroyed when the event ends but you wont be able to place them until next year's event.

There is a surprise waiting for you after you earn the new GMF badge this year. Use it horrifyingly!

You can now upgrade more than one projector to Tier 3. Even if you already upgraded a projector in the past, talk to Z'ozpheratu and he will offer to upgrade your projector as long as you have a tier 2 projector in your inventory.

Bat and Spider Pheromone schematics purchased from Z'ozpheratu will craft stacks of 50 to 100.

No-Trade has been removed from many of the GMF vendor items and the old costumes are no longer flagged as 'no-trade remove'.
Corrected the name of the Spider Web Decoration Style III (from Spider Web Decoration Style II to Spider Web Decoration Style III).

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Re: Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

Message par jenssen le Jeu 21 Oct - 5:35

pas trop compris le truc du storyteller et du nouveaux reward

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Re: Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

Message par kai-dan novarek le Jeu 21 Oct - 11:18

Aller on vas se tapé ME plongé dans le noir pendant 3 semaine avec des déco plus moche les une que les autres, super....
kai-dan novarek

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Re: Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

Message par Makatar le Jeu 21 Oct - 11:19

du PVP au milieu des squelettes, je trouve que ça le fait Wink

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Re: Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

Message par Invité le Jeu 21 Oct - 11:30

I I sir pvp au cimetiere ME ce soir
pere Dodu au rapport il va se decarcasser pour taper de l'imp


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Re: Galactic Moon . GU 18.... Jeudi 21/10

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