prochain up date que du bon hihi j'Adore

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prochain up date que du bon hihi j'Adore

Message par jenssen le Jeu 29 Jan - 6:55

voici se qui va avoir au prochain update Very Happy trop top


There is now an Auto Loot option available in the "Misc" section of the options menu. If this option is turned on, your character will automatically try to loot any corpse it has killed.

Updated spy steal ability so it offers a chance to get collection items.

Added additional invisible appearance items:
-jacket: which occupies the chest, biceps, and bracer slots
-biceps: left and right slots
-vest: occupies the chest slot
-bracelets: left and right slots

Fixed an issue with weapons you are not certified to use being removed when you respec.

Fixed an issue where you could not stop conversing while stealthed.

"Multiply/Divide damage taken by %" effects now apply to classic and stackable DoT damage.

"Multiply/Divide damage dealt by %" effects now apply to stackable DoTs.

Fixed an issue where creatures were retreating when they shouldn't.

"Reduce Damage Taken/Dealt" effects are now calculated after "Increase Damage Dealt/Taken".

Fixed an issue where some backpacks (like the Imperial Ace Backpack) weren't equippable.

Fixed an issue where equipping a visible item, after appearance equipping an non-visible item (due to species restrictions), would cause the equipped helmet to now show properly.


Storyteller Combat NPCs can now be looted again.

User Interface
Added an option called "Camera Height," that will adjust the height of the camera above the player, assuming the player isn't using the "Offset Camera" option. You can find this option under Graphics in the Options menu.

Added an option called "Show Appearance Items in Inventory," that will allow you turn off viewing appearance items while examining your inventory. This option can be found under Misc. in the Options menu.

Spy Update

Reveal's arrow particle has been toned down and points in the correct direction. Reveal now pings the location of the spy using reveal.

The Razor Cat set bonus for Strikethrough has been fixed.

Ambush and Snipe have had their action costs reduced to be 125% of their base damage.

Decoys will now display their faction, titles, and other tags just as a normal player would show.

The "Shifty Setup" expertise has been added to the Spy's Covert Operations expertise page. The Shifty Setup expertise grants the Shifty Setup ability, which is a one-shot bonus to the Spy's next attack from stealth. The bonuses are -20% to target's dodge, parry, block, and glancing blows. -20% chance for the spy to critical hit and strike-through the target.

Added the Expertise Assassins Mark which grants the ability of the same name. Assassins mark causes the target to sometimes provoke additional attacks when subject to successful hits.

Removed the expertise, Improved Arachne's Web.

Reactive abilities should no longer bring a spy out of stealth.

Flashbang no longer does appreciable damage.

Flashbang can be thrown while under stealth effects

Flashbang now triggers 3 second ability cooldown on affected targets.

Flashbang cooldown increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Decoy defenses are now increased by the generating spy.

Passive reveal can now reveal a beast that is cloaked. The chance to reveal is modified by its master's cloak modifications.

Failing a combat command should not remove you from stealth.

Crusader Armor, both rebel and imperial, can now be deconstructed and re-crafted

A new steal collection for Spies has been added which gives the Tenebrous Edge weapon as reward for completion.


Beasts now get the covert mastery buff, if their master has covert mastery.

Beasts can now go stealth, if their master is in stealth.


Armor Break now reduces total armor rating instead of just the base rating.

Bounty Hunter

Removed expertise Stun.

Added expertise Prescience. Grants the command "Prescience: Careful attention paid to the target allows the bounty hunter to avoid most of their attacks for the duration of the effect."

Expertise changes has resulted in an Expertise reset.

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Re: prochain up date que du bon hihi j'Adore

Message par Selit Sakarr le Jeu 29 Jan - 6:57

Enfin !!!!!! cheers

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